So, Thursday I went to the doctor because I had symptoms of a urinary tract infection for about a week. They said results would come back in 3 to 5 days. Sunday we got a call, saying it came back positive, and the pharmacy had my antibiotic so we could go pick it up. Also, Sunday, before I even took my first dose of the antibiotic, I started to feel nauseas and really crummy in general.

I started taking the antibiotic, yesterday I started my period (a week early), and it feels like on top of this UTI, I've also had the stomach flu since Sunday. Usually stomach flus don't last 3 days, though...cuz now it's Tuesday. I missed school yesterday and now today...argh.. getting behind.

And I NEVER have stomach issues! The rest of my body falls apart all the time, but never my abdomen! I will never again take that for granted. My stomach hurts all the way from just below my belly button, all the way up to my lower chest. And my back, too. But none of it feels like menstrual cramps. Hard to tell - at this point, the pain has engulfed my entire abdomen.

Yesterday my doc called and said that they looked at the strain of bacteria and apparently it's resistant to many kinds of antibiotics, so they are switching me to a stronger one later today when I go in for a follow-up appointment.

And the worst part is that this is my second UTI since June. And it's making my mom think that me and my boyfriend are having sex, or doing other *stuff*. Which we AREN'T. And I keep assuring her of that, but now she's not believing me. And I practice good hygeine, *wipe* the *correct* way, and everything, so of course she's thinking that I'm having sex. Grr.

The thing is, last time I had my blood taken they said that my IgA and IgM levels were slightly low, which would make me more prone to bacterial infections (I also had 2 infected breast cysts in the past 2 years). So I think that's the answer. But my mom isn't convinced.

Writer's Block: Who's your daddy?
What famous person from history would you have liked to have as a parent, and why?

Dolly Parton...(as my mommy. not daddy. duh).

Why? Do I even need to explain?

I'm so Happy!
So, this morning started out rough with my parents insisting that I take a chicken salad sandwich to school for lunch, but I didn't give up.

I was hungry, but I just wasn't giving this one up.

I made it through the day on Mountain Dew and unbuttered popcorn, and to my surprise, when I got home, my mom had a bag full of vegan groceries!

I was so happy :D

She was being so unsupportive this morning, but she actually got me some stuff and said she'd support me, but that I'd have to take care of myself, and make my own meals, and she wasn't gonna prepare any seperate meals for me. :) I'm sooo so so so happy right now.

I double checked the ingredients on all of them and, yep, 100% animal and animal product free!

Haha - I'm keepin this short - Gotta go eat my weight in vegan pizza - haha :) I wonder how soy cheese will taste ;) Good thing I've never been picky! (And I'm sure I won't be picky at ALL with how hungry I am).

Vegan Day 2

Ok...I am so dizzy right now.

There is no vegan food in this house!

Hmm..what have I eaten today. Some apple slices and leftover white rice.

I'm dizzy as heck and hungry. But I'm not going to give up and eat cheese... as tempting as that sounds right now.

Earlier my dad was going to the store, and I said "I'm hungry, can you get something vegan"

He said "There's plenty of food in the house." I said, "Nothing I can eat - nothing vegan."

He said  "I'm not getting you anything vegan."

Several times, I've searched through the fridge, freezer, and pantry for things I can eat, but there's literally nothing.

I'm starvinggggg. But I'm not going to give up.

The New Vegan Me

Today I decided to become a Vegan.


I watched this video: and it opened my eyes to the animal cruelty that goes on from the time these animals are born to the time you put them into your mouth. (Warning: if you're going to watch made me cry. It's horrific. It won't make you throw up or anything, it's not that gory, but there is blood.)

And I successfully ate out. Which is difficult when you're changing your eating habits in any way. We went to sushi, and I got rice and tofu and edimame. I was really happy about it! Thank God soy sauce is vegan, haha :)

I'm feeling really confident about this - mostly cuz it isn't just like it's another diet change to lose weight or anything, so it's not like I'm gonna be tempted by some tasty thing that has beef, chicken, fish, pork, milk, or eggs. Cuz I'm literally scarred by the facts. I just can't imagine eating those things again, now knowing how they got there. It's different then dieting, you know? If what I just said made ANY sense. lol

I still want to cry every time I think about that video. I've eaten meat, eggs, and dairy products all my life, and it disgusts me now to think about it.

And I'll be a healthier person, too. This'll reduce my risk of heart disease, some cancers, and other health problems.


Rheumy Appt

Ok - just an update.
Rheumatologist appointment was Wednesday.

We were SUPPOSED to get the results of the pulmonary function tests they took last Thursday back. But for some reason they were late so we don't know yet.

They *surprise* decided to take my blood AGAIN. I don't know what the heck they could possibly be testing for NOW, because they've tested for everything possible it seems. But I know that they were gonna re-check one level that was slightly low. But they took 4 vials and you don't need 4 vials to check 1 level so I'm sure they were testing other things too. Of course I cried before the guy even touched me, and even more once he did - oh the joys of being extraextraextraextra sensitive to pain.

We talked about physical therapy and acupuncture. She wants me to get on PT right away at wherever is closest to me...if it doesn't work then I'll do the intensive inpatient program at Children's, which I'd rather not do...seems very painful.

Acupuncture also starting soon...scary.

Brought up EDS type III. She automatically said "but you don't have stretchy skin". I was like "OHH of course, she's one of THOSE doctors who knows NOTHING about EDS except for THAT." So we talked about it. They gave me a flier on "Benign Hypermobile Joint Syndrome", not saying I have it, and not saying I don't have EDS type III.


She explained that basically we first need to get on the physical therapy, occupational therapy, and acupuncture, to try to get rid of the "Pain Amplification Syndrome", because she DOES feel that there is another problem, probably a couple other problems with my joints and immune system, under the Pain Amplification Syndrome, but it's hard to assess my symptoms because the PAS is masking everything making everything hurt. She basically says "Let's get rid of your PAS, and once we do that, we can look at what's left over and work with that to see what your underlying conditions are."

She looked at the CT scans of my jaw that the other doctor guy did and said that she THOUGHT she saw arthritis, but that she wasn't sure and she'd have to get a second opinion from the radiologist. She also said that they'd probably have to do an MRI with IV contrast. I've had plenty of MRIs before, but none with IV contrast.... I HATE IVs. :( Very much.

They also gave me a bunch of readings on living with arthritis as a teen. Although they have determined that I don't have arthritis in my wrists... which is where I get a lot of my pain... and she doesnt think I have it in any of my other joints... since my symptoms match up with arthritis they gave me readings on it.

And that's been my week as far as health stuff goes.


Before I Go
What is your first name?

What is your age?

Where are you located?
Redmond, WA

What are 5 things you wish to accomplish in life?
Find  a 4-leaf clover, become a nurse practitioner, make a difference in someone's life, get married to my true love Logan, ride in a hot air balloon

What are 5 things you are proud of already accomplishing?
being a paid professional portrait photographer (the youngest in my area), being such a strong person and holding on through all the hell i've been through, volunteering so much of my time for charity, and getting to be a Discovery Girl when I was 11.

What makes you happy?
taking pictures, singing, playing guitar, figure skating, being with Logan

What's one thing that really irritates you?
people who are mean

Who is your greatest influence?
hmm. I love Dolly Parton with all my heart - but I can't say she's influenced me. I'd say my biggest influence is a fictional character - Patch Adams.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
I'd cure all the world's diseases.

Anything else we should know about you?
I'm sick. And I don't say this to say "Blow up the balloons and serve the cake, it's pity party time!" I simply say it because it's, unfortunately, a HUGE part of my life. I didn't ask for it, but dealing with it takes up a lot of my time. So it's become a big part of who I am. And honestly it's made me a better person.

Ok - I need to vent - I've really needed this for a long time, but especially today. I apologize if this offends anyone.
I'm 16 years old.
I feel like an old lady.
Teenagers joints aren't supposed to grind and pop with every little movement...they aren't supposed to hurt this bad.
People my age aren't supposed to get winded just climbing the stairs or walking the mall.
For the last 6 months or so I've had to sit down on a folded-up towel while showering. We have a tub-shower. I just recently added the towel for a little extra comfort, but it's narrow and uncomfortable, and I have to sit criss-cross, and the sides of the tub hit tender spots on my knees... and today my mom actually brought up the possibility of using a shower chair.
I'm 16.
We're not supposed to need shower chairs.
Those are for old people. (No offense, anyone).
I want my life back.
I'm a teenager.
I'm supposed to be out partying.
Making stupid mistakes.
I'm not supposed to be dealing with health issues yet.
These are supposed to be some of the best years of my life.
I'm missing it out on it all, because it's like I've fast-forewarded 70 years and I'm an old lady on the inside, with the appearance and personality of a teenager.
I'm not supposed to be needing a shower chair.

Ok. That's my vent. Felt good to let it out.


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